Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Old Bridge Library - Book Review: The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke

American orphans Prosper and Bo have run away from their Aunt Esther to the enchanting city of Venice, Italy.  Along the way they meet up with Hornet, Mosca, Riccio and Scippio who are all part of a gang of thieves who steal objects from the rich Venetians and their golden palaces.  Among their tightly knit group, one of them holds a secret which could tear their bond apart forever. Their latest mission is to steal a wooden wing from the wealthy Signora Spavento which belongs to a magical carousel located on a mysterious island.  Sounds easy enough for the gang, but when an unexpected visitor arrives who becomes their greatest ally, and a recent change of events, their easy task suddenly becomes a game of survival and trust.  This book is a quick read for those who likes stories about friendships and the challenges and adventures they face together. If you enjoyed the spirit of adventure and friendship of the Harry Potter series, you should definitely check this book out!

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