Monday, August 03, 2015

Looking for a new job? Come to the Library this Wednesday, August 5th at 10am for an informative "Job Hunting Success" program.  Lead by Garret Gega of the Office of Workforce Development of Middlesex Country, the workshop will focus on job searching, resume writing and interviewing tips.

Then, on Thursday, August 6th, we'll be hosting another type of hunt -- our library scavenger hunt for teens at 6:30pm. Participants will be given a list of things they'll need to find and photograph around the Library and the first person (or team) back to the starting point wins a prize. Players will also enjoy ice cream at the end of the scavenger hunt while they're looking at all the photos. The program is open to kids in grades 6-12, and at least one person per team must pre-register at or by calling 732-721-5600 x5033. Players must also have their own camera or phone to take the photographs.

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